Our system has gamified survey taking and unlocked the key for gaining user adoption, traction and interaction.

27% of users who download the app use it every day.

GoGet! is a market research platform that generates geolocated, live feedback of consumer opinions for brands and companies. 

Cross Reference:The collected data can be collected in a way that cross references all the feedback, the sky’s the limit. It allows you to fully understand what customers think of your product mix, future potential product mix and in which regions is might resonate best. It can also tell you how your customers feels about ancillary, noncompeting products/services relative to your brand. That leads to great market insights on new product mix offerings, potential partnerships and acquisitions.

The Competition:  With our platform, you can turn it around and collect market research on your biggest competitors. Use the same methods of data collection to better understand how the market perceives their products/services, all without the bias that might be created from the consumer knowing it was commissioned by you.

Cost Effective: For a comparatively low cost, our technology allows you to control the amount of questions being asked and quantities of data which are collected. Our data collection processes costs exactly however much you want to spend. Once we have exhausted the budget for the week or month, we stop collecting data.

In our beta tests we have gathered data from all 50 states and 26 countries, just under 500,000 survey answers and over 20 million data points. We have also generated more than 50,000 brand sponsored tweets, with 65% of users choosing to share on social media.

Brands are always looking for relevant, real time feedback, as well as the ability to connect with their customers. A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%. A 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in more than a 25% increase in revenue. Acquiring new customers is expensive and costs 7x more than it does to retain an existing one
GoGet! provides consumers with an app that pays cash for sharing information and a voice to share real time feedback, both positive and negative. We give you the ability to determine if your customers are a net promoter or net detractor of your brand.

Through our app, we deploy affinity based surveys where consumers are asked five questions based on a 15 scale and are financially rewarded for sharing their feedback. 

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Flexibility:  Our platform allows you to interchange questions and themes and the ability to extract data points that are mission critical, all while uncovering sentiments that may have not been known.